Jimmy Kimmel on Angry Trump Mob Storming the Capitol 

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Jimmy gives his thoughts on the angry mob of Trump supporters storming the capitol building in Washington D.C. today, Mike Pence shutting down Donald Trump’s request to determine which electoral votes should be counted and which shouldn’t, Senators Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and others keeping this stolen election charade going, Democrats gaining control of the Senate after a double victory in Georgia’s runoff election, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump going after the Republican establishment, and we revisit Trump’s inauguration speech with the benefit of hindsight.
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7 jan. 2021




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Navalny 22 minuten geleden
Raid area 51 is nothing compared to this.
DisneyVlogsbyRyan 7 uur geleden
This is why jay Leno was a better host then you will ever be
DisneyVlogsbyRyan 7 uur geleden
Well Nancy is a crook
Faye Sarren
Faye Sarren 7 uur geleden
Shut up. Who do you think you are
NIGHTHAWK 000 18 uur geleden
are you (Jimmy kimbel )a ten year old with your name calling grow up
Margaret Chabot
Margaret Chabot 19 uur geleden
What a bunch of BS
William Willard
William Willard 20 uur geleden
Get a shave bum.
William Willard
William Willard 20 uur geleden
What a mouth on this guy!
Pou Don
Pou Don 21 uur geleden
This cud be a threshold to American downfall history...with turn of events happening in America last few years...just wondering...what has become of amer
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 9 uur geleden
Ever say anything about the peaceful protestors the burned down cities all summer long just praised then
Guy Webster
Guy Webster Dag geleden
When did comedians get involved in serious issues? 😂
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 9 uur geleden
This happens when egomaniacs like No45 miss their medication.
Hellen Maumo
Hellen Maumo Dag geleden
The boorish sunflower gratifyingly describe because lumber relatively talk midst a permissible sheep. understood, aberrant poet
moon key
moon key Dag geleden
Please!!! Let's all vow to never speak the last president's name again!!!! As an attention hungry troll, that is the worst thing we can do to him!!!! (Well, i mean criminal charges would be good too)...
Brandon Sheffield
Brandon Sheffield Dag geleden
Why don't you talk about the BLM/Antifa agitators that were present in that maybe 200 people group. That split off from the 100's of thousands that went home after the speech.. There is video proof of Antifa and BLM were there the Trump supporters were trying to hold them back from breaking windows, but when the doors were opened the Trump supporters were basically invited in, BLM and Antifa members were arrested and are being prosecuted for their role in the Capitol riot. What happened to the right wing riots "planned" for inauguration day? Didn't happen, because it wasn't ever going to happen. We are all responsible individuals. However, the left wing have no sense of self respect and self restraint as they went ripping through more cities on inauguration day. It's all over you tube, but not in the news I wonder why. Because your baseless narrative is broken. If you truly want people to unite stop telling lies and painting people with broad brushes. Stop feeding the beast that is splitting people apart. No spin, no bias, no broad strokes. Get all sides of the story, not just the one you agree with.
bombud1 Dag geleden
Kimmel on Trump mob: uses thumbnail of known BLM protestor posing as Trump supporter while breaking into the capital. Kimmel ignorance 20/20
Brandon Sheffield
Brandon Sheffield Dag geleden
Wow lie much.
fred ez
fred ez Dag geleden
Y u say trump supporters instead of white ppl because you always say 2 black males or a angry black mob y not white ppl cause that's who did it ain't no blacks there
ZosiaSamosiaOo Dag geleden
That was quite bitter...
hen ko
hen ko Dag geleden
i like how Ted Cruz think that people rioting have the time to read tweets XD
Susana Felix
Susana Felix Dag geleden
Its all a show! like your show jimmy
HiRounder Dag geleden
Kimmel is such a puppet
Olan Comperada
Olan Comperada Dag geleden
So the protest of BLM when theres buning looting they support it and know they agains this protest?
Hubert Miles
Hubert Miles 8 uur geleden
I don't support the looting and birming
T G A Mendoza
T G A Mendoza Dag geleden
MrFrischi Dag geleden
This happens when egomaniacs like No45 miss their medication.
Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown Dag geleden
Ever say anything about the peaceful protestors the burned down cities all summer long just praised then
hen ko
hen ko Dag geleden
i like how Ted Cruz think that people rioting have the time to read tweets XD
Ángel Dag geleden
Yt: Planetary collapse is a growth opportunity
Gloria Villarreal
Gloria Villarreal Dag geleden
You wouldn't know the truth if it bit you.
David Petrusewicz
David Petrusewicz Dag geleden
The Biden peaceful protesters the media said videos were burn looting and breaking stuff last night January 21 year 2021 in some states and Seattle. Just saying. And yes the what happened at the capital I don’t agree . Arrest everyone who do stuff across the board . And by the way. By the way the person who in charge of the capital building security in DC the speaker of the house that was Nancy pelosi’s Desk.
Corbin Smith
Corbin Smith 2 dagen geleden
You’re not a true American. It’s all about fame for you
Corbin Smith
Corbin Smith 2 dagen geleden
“No different from any election”? But the last 4 elections found proof of fraud in the Democratic Party... why would this year be any different? You’re becoming washed up man
R Sjr
R Sjr 2 dagen geleden
Jimmy Kimmel save your rhetoric and lies. Every person you show in your video was ANTIFIA not Trump supporters. You lie just like the rest of the media. No working American voted for Biden. It was a steal and a crime.
Bruce Houston
Bruce Houston 2 dagen geleden
The ultimate shame!
Wayne Channon
Wayne Channon 2 dagen geleden
"WAKE UP" Halloooooooo................. Hallooooooooooo.............. What if BIDEN supporters were the one's posing as Trump supporters, storming the capitol wearing Trump paraphernalia, thus smeering the outgoing party's name. "I REST MY CASE"..........................................
Kal EL
Kal EL 2 dagen geleden
Antifa burns down buildings all over the country in 2020, people just brush it off. Vikings storm the capital in 2021 and people lose their minds..
J B 2 dagen geleden
If they're going to silence us, I really wish they'd start with these overpaid actors/talk show hosts.
Momma Wanna
Momma Wanna 2 dagen geleden
Volastod 2 dagen geleden
Zietgiest 2007 (Doc)
Bingo Bob
Bingo Bob 2 dagen geleden
Opening with saying Trump left with a treasonous finnaly. You are you to say that? You are nothing but a late night talk show host. Go stick your foot back in your mouth not so funny boy.
Noelle Cryer
Noelle Cryer 2 dagen geleden
Jimmy Kimmel has such a hit me face. Can’t stand him
Dora Dennis
Dora Dennis 2 dagen geleden
No complaining about the BLM and ANTIFA "mostly peaceful protests" with fires in the background? Ok, then...
13699111 2 dagen geleden
Thank you for posting this video.
Roseann 2 dagen geleden
Remember when trump got into the white house and the left rioted broke windows and blocked highways. They were called protesters. BLM - Protesters ANTIFA - Protesters. Celebrities = Left Evil Lies Why aren't celebrities bailing out these protesters???? ANTIFA started the smashing of the windows in the capital but they bury that story.
Gary 2 dagen geleden
Blm protesters were fare more violent!!!!!
Den Mann
Den Mann 2 dagen geleden
And he pardoned 143 criminals
Socialists and soy boys voted for Biden!
Ezra Nehemiah Laniba
Ezra Nehemiah Laniba 3 dagen geleden
You need some realization man.
Israel Lopez
Israel Lopez 3 dagen geleden
Funny?! This was an embarrassment, but we should look on the plus side, give me mockery, give me humiliation , give me anything FUNNY, really embarrass them, but please for the sake of our laughter
dorababyboy 3 dagen geleden
6:36 Donald Trump Jr.: I'm gonna be in your backyard in a couple of months! Jimmy Kimmel: *CLEANING YOUR POOL! FOR 38 BUCKS!* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Alex Green
Alex Green 3 dagen geleden
Hmm should I watch Kimmel's commentary, who when I was growing up I knew him as the guy who made fart noises on Fox NFL Sunday. Nah I'm good
trev p
trev p 3 dagen geleden
Thats the 1st world😂😂😂 we talk about😂😂😂
Sydney Villarreal
Sydney Villarreal 3 dagen geleden
What a sad sore loser who can’t except the fact that he is no longer president,... and even more sad that crazy people that believe in conspiracies only proven through the mouth of trump but have no legal backbone to ACTUALLY BE pathetic that they will stand by such ignorance.
Rockin Discoveries
Rockin Discoveries 3 dagen geleden
Ginger Price DDS
Ginger Price DDS 3 dagen geleden
Stick to comedy Jimmy! You’re not qualified to comment on politics, especially since your facts are total BS! Don’t remember you condemning the riots that went on all summer 🤷‍♀️
Sydney Villarreal
Sydney Villarreal 3 dagen geleden
What a sad sore loser who can’t except the fact that he is no longer president,... and even more sad that crazy people that believe in conspiracies only proven through the mouth of trump but have no legal backbone to ACTUALLY BE pathetic that they will stand by such ignorance.
Sydney Villarreal
Sydney Villarreal 3 dagen geleden
An eye for an eye is the approach trump took which is very immature being he is the president of the United States!!!...and don’t mention the riots because they were shot at, Beaten, and killed unlike the “ protesters” that made their appearance at the capital..
Giovanna Gill
Giovanna Gill 3 dagen geleden
When you realize it was a week ago.
Oh naw That’s scary
Oh naw That’s scary 3 dagen geleden
Jimmy your I know this is shocking news and it’s horrible what happen to capital hill but your still arnt f*cking funny
Hard Right Turn
Hard Right Turn 3 dagen geleden
The Day of the Rope is coming Jimmy, and the nation will rejoice when we see your special brand of strange fruit swinging from a limb of justice
Hard Right Turn
Hard Right Turn 3 dagen geleden
@Estrella Bali Oh, well in that case kudo's to you. What a clever burn. Next time I want so brilliantly mock someone as you did I will also say "OK" after repeating a portion of said persons comment. Such wit
Estrella Bali
Estrella Bali 3 dagen geleden
@Hard Right Turn I don’t need you to give me the definition of rejoice! I clearly understand! I was simply mocking your pathetic comment! 😂
Hard Right Turn
Hard Right Turn 3 dagen geleden
@Estrella Bali Yes, Rejoice, as in "to feel or show great happiness about something" Seems like you were confused about the meaning of that word, so I thought I'd help you out a little there. If you arent aware much of the nation hates this guy, hence the 20k+ downvotes on this video
Estrella Bali
Estrella Bali 3 dagen geleden
The nation will rejoice? Ok! 😂
Debra West
Debra West 3 dagen geleden
KHEY non
KHEY non 3 dagen geleden
M'y héroes
minij hooi
minij hooi 3 dagen geleden
loved the new video?
R⃟a⃟n⃟d⃟o⃟m⃟ C⃟T⃟ DT
Stupid demons goes democrats come around all evil at thirdworldculture👎
Tina Wooten
Tina Wooten 3 dagen geleden
It was all staged,it took them three days too set up and make the videos. Whats sad is most of the people there were peaceful.
Tina Golobič
Tina Golobič 3 dagen geleden
Quit the bs
SupraMane69 3 dagen geleden
Your not a American!
SupraMane69 3 dagen geleden
@minij hooi who's that?
minij hooi
minij hooi 3 dagen geleden
You are a sellout.
SupraMane69 3 dagen geleden
Use to like you Jimmy!
MOSSIMO 4 dagen geleden
Jimmy you’re the Prozac kid it was not Trump supporters it was George Soros left hand group
David Schmidt
David Schmidt 4 dagen geleden
Typical Jimmy, come out and scream at a fabricated strawman. That clown in the buffalo hat WAS NOT A Trump supporter, he was an antifa plant, and there are plenty of pics around of him at different riots rto prove it. But Jimmy, like his moronic followers, never lets truth get in the way of yet ANOTHER attack on Trump. Forget all the jobs the man created, forget the fact that he is the only leader we've had in the last 20 years who is actually RESPECTED by other world leaders (which the leftists don'w care about). They're WAYYYY too busy with their TDS and their 'orange man bad' childish mentality.
Вадим Тимофеев
The Russians did it. They also imposed sanctions on their " Nord Stream2 "and put Monica under Clinton.
J B 4 dagen geleden
Trump was officially diagnosed as crazy 4 years ago. And yet Republicans refused to impeach him...
Katharina 4 dagen geleden
Good day to live in Switzerland
Jay Taylor
Jay Taylor 4 dagen geleden
Jimmy your a trader
Jay Taylor
Jay Taylor 4 dagen geleden
Bite me jimmy
Don Gillies
Don Gillies 4 dagen geleden
8:08 - how Trampanistas really behave.
Abe S
Abe S 4 dagen geleden
Yes trump doesn’t care about us but same can be said about every other president and future president. Like cmon all these politicians only care about their career and power.
Robert Fapswell
Robert Fapswell 4 dagen geleden
@1:30 Dude thought this was an audition for "The Village People" .
Perry Olson
Perry Olson 4 dagen geleden
Hey look a man who has and never will stand up for anything
midwestmaniac 4 dagen geleden
John Cooke
John Cooke 4 dagen geleden
You are a sellout.
Rcity2332 4 dagen geleden
The last bit was priceless.😂
Che 4 dagen geleden
I swear this looks like its a scene from a movie 😭😂 This is like the most american thing ever.
Jacob Hartmann
Jacob Hartmann 2 dagen geleden
Yep- it's Really, REALLY embarrassing to be an American right now. This is the right-wing, lunatic circus freak show cartoon at their best.
Tina Wooten
Tina Wooten 3 dagen geleden
Yes its a movie
Nick Benjamin
Nick Benjamin 4 dagen geleden
tru tube
tru tube 4 dagen geleden
5:14 TRUTH.
tru tube
tru tube 4 dagen geleden
20K Trump Supporters. In this page.
cesar lezama
cesar lezama 4 dagen geleden
Your wack
Debbi Campisi
Debbi Campisi 4 dagen geleden
So sad. Can we all just act like civil adults?
American Southern
American Southern 4 dagen geleden
Your a puppet we own you so shut up
Particle Boy
Particle Boy 4 dagen geleden
I hear Q-Anon Chewbacca dude hates the food in prison. I hope they feed him one of those pies from "The Help."
Joe Dutra
Joe Dutra 4 dagen geleden
Jimmy Pimple and his 12 gag writers still can't make us laugh.
Allen 4 dagen geleden
Jimmy Pimple!!! oh MAN you're gunna make millions with weaponized comedy like that! Wait till my parler friends about this one.... OMG Jimmy PIMPLE!!!!!
TheNordmo 4 dagen geleden
is it really possible that these overgrown unintelligent idiots can continue, I hope the new power cuts the balls on them. These people still believe in the world's biggest lies, simply backward people. shame on you
Quang Lê Đức
Quang Lê Đức 4 dagen geleden
Can you talk about your new friends from Guatemala. They may give you some marijuana.
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson 4 dagen geleden
Will that be the shortest lived economic power in history....?
Dave King
Dave King 4 dagen geleden
Make Donald a LOOSER again!
Olivia renee Fuller
Olivia renee Fuller 4 dagen geleden
Damn Jimmy got balls, imagine still having power to create conspiracies theory’s “Breaking News Jimmy has had a heart attack” A heart attack y’know what I mean.
Teddie Newton
Teddie Newton 4 dagen geleden
Shut up Kimmel
Last Call 170
Last Call 170 4 dagen geleden
This is where liberals get their news.
LITTLE RICHIE 4 dagen geleden
How are things in Moscow, comrade?
Fresenbet G.Y Adhanom
Fresenbet G.Y Adhanom 4 dagen geleden
The Divided States of America. Sad to witness.
Carlos Folconious
Carlos Folconious 4 dagen geleden
I LOVE YOU AMERICA. Let us come together and use truth and heal and use hind sight as a tool not a weapon.
Paiden Easley
Paiden Easley 4 dagen geleden
Welcome to the echo chamber where liberals sniff each other's farts.
Camela Antonela
Camela Antonela 5 dagen geleden
The valuable scene unprecedentedly reign because grass fifthly order after a three dugout. truculent, nauseating neck
Kang Kang kang
Kang Kang kang 5 dagen geleden
Trump you are the winner, we support you Trump, our lives are for your victory Trump, we are ready to die for you trump.
Michelle Marie-MMROCKCAMP/Performance Rock Camp
seek your talent or go into politics. A war will come god bless. He doesn’t yet find something to talk about.,
Michelle Marie-MMROCKCAMP/Performance Rock Camp
cleaning your pool, you believe all this!
Michelle Marie-MMROCKCAMP/Performance Rock Camp
what will talk about when trump is gone?